Maybe You Can’t Fix What I Have

Broken when the US mail chokes how

my letters take so much time is it there yet

read it immediately did you read it right away

I wonder and I wonder if you wonder if 

I read yours as quickly for we are so far

away so letters that take forever to connect

us see I run my finger over your lines and dream

how drowned looking up at wavering surfaces under

a bright moon sunk in the scent of your perfume 

and imagine your tongue back then so taste saliva

sealing you in my head in a way so away

from me with what I dared more to write I don’t

know if you understand if I understand you

oh why weren’t cell phones around when I needed

them to love you so much the right way I could not

afford such a loss my heart breaks, at all of

that mystery of questions unraveled the wrong

way so steep a cost my or our questions forever

unanswered and my pen stilled for reasons I do

remember is why I cry and ramble us still so on and on

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