Not Everything Is Broken

If I were Bob Dylan, I could tell you everything that’s broken.
If you know that song, you know his list is long.

You know who has a good memory?
Bob Dylan has a great memory.
Given the number of songs he’s written
and the complexity of his lyrics,
I have to marvel at his ability to recall
all the words he has to remember when he sings.
In the studio, I’m sure, he could cheat with lyrics sheets.
But in concert? Is someone cueing him? Reading the words into an earpiece?

At last report, Dylan says there are actually 87 or so stanzas to “Like a Rolling Stone.”
Of course he never sings all of them at once, but I wonder if he could,
say, in concert, just to wow the audience, perform all of the verses?
An astounding feat that would be; I’d pay just to hear that.

You know what isn’t broken, what isn’t on Dylan’s list of what is broken?
When he sings, “Everything is broken,” he’s dead wrong.
Bob Dylan’s memory is at least one thing that’s working just right.

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