Beg Pardon

You use your arms to disguise your breasts as elbows,
to stop the wind from licking at them,
or cross yourself against the end of times,
enfolded wings, protective, a chick against the gale.

Your legs scissor tight, close down all doubts,
knees knocking hard testing their timeliness,
ankles twisted tight to stand on a single point,
all crossed against the wicked one to come.

Your lips seal tight in isometric stone-faced exercise,
seal your saliva back from spitting rage, 
hide the baring of your fine white teeth,
stop your tongue from lashing outrage.

I come in peace, assure you all defense
on your part will prove unwarranted.
It’s forgiveness I look for here,
come only on my knees to ask for mercy, 
not to leap the barricade into the breach,
the only thing I want’s a kiss.

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