What Is Your Favorite Color?

I often remember who I am, and I recall past events,
both recent and distant, with a fair degree of accuracy.
If you were to ask me in what city I was born,
what my mother’s maiden name is,
what high school I attended or the make of my first car,
the name of my favorite food or elementary school teacher,
of my first pet or first girlfriend,
to all these questions I know the answer.

But when it comes to the passwords I create,
if this is not a medical term yet it should be,
I have what I call Password Amnesia.
I will create a password one moment,
be asked to type it in just seconds later,
and find I must request the link to create a new one.
Again. And again.

Over the lengthy course of my computer-age lifetime,
my record of passwords created for a single account
goes to the creation of those for my Apple ID login.
I’d guess I’ve done it in the neighborhood of 50 times,
but it could easily be 100 by now, sometimes three or four at one sitting.
Nowadays, when I attempt to log into my Apple ID account,
I’m tempted to just hit the Forgot Password link.
I actually begin to perspire as I type in my email address
just before the Herculean task of summoning up my latest password.

I’d write my passwords down, but you’re warned not to do so.
Those who do, I’ve heard, are cast into The Gorge of Eternal Peril.

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