Short Short Stories

1. Death Wish

Rendered unconscious by a fall in the bathtub, a president of Russia drowned.

* * *

2. Pleasure and Pain

“I hope they included a patching kit for this,” moaned the man in 1A.

“What a time for my batteries to die,” lamented the woman in 1B.

His right hand in a cast, the man in 1C wished he’d been born left-handed.

* * *

3. Death and Taxes

“I killed you, I buried you, yet here you are, ready to resume auditing me.”

“For the IRS,” he said, “there is only one thing in this world that is certain.”

* * *

4. Philosophy Class Final

He turned over the exam and saw it consisted of a single question: Why?

He wrote, Why not? and turned in the exam.

* * *

5. Good Girl

She buried the boy who had beaten her deeper than any bone she had buried before.

* * *

6. Bad Boy

He had beaten her, then slipped on a stray dog biscuit, breaking his neck.

* * *

7. Period

Finally finishing, he typed The End, then immediately thought of another ending.

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