And in our battle, they were taken

Both sides said a cross of little and big things to each other,

and given the way the conflict played out, it appears likely

that although each may say they heard everything, took it all to heart,

in the end every word, every declaration, was ignored or forgotten no matter the size or import.

After the smoke cleared – and there was enough to make it seem a nuclear explosion,

there may have been some kind of treaty, or at least an informal understanding,

or not, I’m not sure, there is no mention in the historical record.

It’s happened before that wars end with no agreement reached between parties.

Except to cease and desist, pick up the dead and wounded and retreat.

The fighting simply ends, the troops withdraw, and not a word’s

ever heard from the opposition ever again, only silence.

Even if prisoners were taken, they’re forgotten, left behind, out of mind, accepted casualties.

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