The Bigger Picture

Each year of my life, from the very first time
I was conscious of believing it might be this way,
I was convinced I would at last learn
the final things I’d need to know
to live my best, most informed, most complete life.
It was just those few pieces left of the jigsaw puzzle,
how they would fit into place,
and I would see the completed picture of me.
I don’t remember when or how
I was disabused of that naïve idea,
but the longer I live – and I’m certainly not knocking it –
the more assuredly I realize that each puzzle I finish,
is only one section of the bigger puzzle of my life,
and there are many more puzzles to be put together
if I ever can imagine I’ll finish that big one.
On the last day, at that last moment,
if I am still conscious, still aware,
I already know I’ll laugh and or cry
about the loose pieces remaining
to complete the current puzzle,
because there were always, would always be,
more puzzle parts of me that I ran out of time to tackle.


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