A Plea, not a Poem

I see it everywhere nowadays, some people becoming whom they were born to be,

but so many others leaving the selves they were becoming behind,

potential being realized by some, and potential being wasted by many.

We are always all works in progress.

If you ever find yourself saying that you have finally perfected the person you were always meant to be,

realized your mission in life,

reached the top of the mountain of self-actualization or self-realization,

you’re mistaken.

Instead of evolving, too many of us are devolving,

becoming less when we should always be striving to become more.

There is a great falling away going on these days,

a forgetting of whom we should strive to be,

worrying about ourselves at the expense of worrying about the welfare of others.

It’s fine to put yourself first; maybe we wouldn’t survive if we didn’t.

But that’s not the same thing as thinking only of yourself, and forgetting all others.

That kind of selfishness, I see it on the rise, more and more people caring less and less about the rest of us.

If we’re going to survive, we can’t do it by cutting ourselves off

from the collective interests of others.

We’re all in this together.

Sick of hearing the now grown oh so old cliché?

If you think that’s a cliché, then you’re precisely one of those people

who needs to hit the brakes on thinking too much about yourself.

Start thinking about how to contribute to the welfare of us all.

Embrace the cliché.  Become a part of it.

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