It’s All Work

You would think so, right, that during the downtime

one of us might have done it, but we never have.

It’s not fun for us.

I have to do it once each time, and that’s enough.

Once I nearly fell over doing it, and we had to do it again.

Maybe that traumatized me. 

I’ve never felt the urge to do it otherwise,

and neither has she.

Well, at least I don’t think she has,

had the urge to do it, I mean.

Well, now I’m not even sure.

You’ll have to ask her if she’s wanted to do it,

or even might have done it; maybe she has.

And no, I’m a happily married man,

so no, I’ve never propositioned any of the players,

never had the urge to ask one out.

Although there was this one woman,

Sera Vallejo — not her real name, by the way —

and she did win quite a bit of cash,

not to mention a trip to Barbados.

Now I’ve been to Barbados, but you know,

I’ve never been to Barbados with Sera Vallejo,

I thought, and I guess it did cross my mind momentarily.

I told my wife about that, and we laughed it off.

She said she’d watched the show

where Sera Vallejo won the trip,

and she said even she wouldn’t mind going to Barbados,

in her mind, with Sera Vallejo.

That turned into a pretty exciting night in our marriage.

Oh, excuse me, please, it’s almost time to roll.

Thanks for the interview; I hope you got everything you need.

Oh, by the way, would you like to spin it before you go?

I’m guessing you’re someone who’s  always wanted to spin it.

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