Including Plagiarized Passages on Sections of Skin

to the reticular dermis
show a cystic cavity
lined by attenuated squamous epithelium.
A prominent granular layer is present
with overlying compact, lamellated corneocytes.
The adjacent dermis contains a sparse perivascular
and interstitial infiltrate of lymphocytes.

There is no evidence of malignancy.

For the writer, Thou Shalt Not Commit Plagiarism
is the ultimate mandate
Unless Thou Admitist It Up Front.

We all know
pathology reports are found poetry,
can be delightful and transportive,
or otherwise,
revealing the meaning of the hidden
from the limited human eye,
biopsic minds want to know,
so the scalpel carves in,
slices to the dark heart of the obscured matter.
Would that there were always
no evidence of malignancy
(even in appropriation of content).
That is the outcome wholly to be most desired,
the beauty that is the truth
of everything we would hope to know.


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