Abstract (Concrete Plagiarism)

Okay, I see the title of this one is

Air Force Research Laboratory, Aero-Effects Laboratory optical metrology system and performance.

I remember that one card, you drew yourself in your bedroom,
you on your stomach, pen in hand, open book before you,
staring out into the wonder of Vilas,
always marveling at the energy of your mind,
and now you’re saying

Directed energy systems developed to reside on airborne platforms can experience a multitude of sources of degradation that reduce optical system performance.

The intricate detail in the window, the frame, the reflection,
you were quite the artist, even your hairstyle,
and I loved seeing your cat curled up beside you.
That image of you studying, always, always studying,
it’s burned in my brain, the knowing that you were brilliant.
So bright you could someday say

Three major sources of these degradations, or aberrations, can be attributed to platform jitter, atmospheric turbulence, and aero-optical disturbances.

Jitters. It took all the nerve I had to ask you to pick me up at the airport,
and I was so thankful that you said you would, no problem,
it made me dizzier than your explaining

Aero-optics is the term used to describe the aberrations induced from the aero-dynamical environment surrounding an aircraft as it travels through the air at high speeds and the resulting varying air pressures induced.

I am thankful for our two-year correspondence, you in Madison, I back in Hawai‘i,
how you fed my soul, made me whole again,
our experiment in long-distance something,
whatever that was, so much like love to me,
where my heart, maybe yours too, drove the experiment,
I’m guessing so different from an experiment where

The Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) Laser Division has recently brought online the Aero-Effects Laboratory (AEL) capable of performing various aero-optical experimental tests.

When I came off the plane and finally saw you again
I could hardly breathe, thought, heart pumping,
how I’d hated to leave you there, so foolish of me,
and see then, how you were always stunning,
my burning light and the end of a so long tunnel,
maybe, maybe not like

The AFRL AEL currently has a supersonic wind tunnel with a test section that allows large optical access for various article testing and system simulations.

I am thankful for our seeing the Edvard Munch exhibit at the Elvehjem Museum,
and the lunch I couldn’t eat for being so nervous sitting across the table from you.
I’d say it was the proverbial dream come true, but it was only part of that,
the last part,
how we lost touch, I know I am not thankful for my part in that,
how it killed a part of me
I’ve not revived, except briefly, when at times I see that you say

In this document, the current status and performance of the AEL Optical Metrology System and some initial results from experiments currently in development will be presented.

Your work, I follow it, barely understand it through the years,
but I’m thankful for the internet, how I can stalk your mind,
keep track of how you shine, try to understand things like

Data acquisition systems include the use of pressure sensors, pitot probes, Schlieren imaging, and wavefront sensors.

Your beautiful mind at work, letting me know that

In this manuscript, the AEL Optical Metrology System has been redesigned to include off-axis parabolic mirrors to significantly increase the optical quality of the system.

I do have something, then, even if
it’s all I have of you anymore.
And tough as it is to read you,
I still feel that I am with you, in spirit,
following your career as closely as I can.

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