Would I Watch with Her?

She wanted a big-screen TV mounted on the wall opposite her bed.
“I’m going to watch my soaps,” she said, “and my K-Dramas.
So go get me a big one right this instant, you hear me?”
Would I have been watching with her, I wonder, waiting in the checkout line at Walmart,
the Sony – 65″ Class BRAVIA XR A80J Series OLED 4K UHD Smart Google TV
teetering dangerously at the edge of destruction
on the blue plastic cart with the badly limping wheel.
Finally daredevil-balance-acting it though the line,
I’m out the door, rumbling over the beat-up asphalt lane to my car.
I pop the trunk and find no matter how I try to angle it, the TV won’t fit.
I grab some rope sturdy enough to hang a grand piano
and strap her to the roof.
Laurel and Hardy-ing up a few hundred stairs
into the house and then up to the bedroom,
I see she is still out like the proverbial light.
I mount the wall bracket and secure this bulky monster.
Even my drill won’t disturb her, dead to the world, as they say.
Plugging in, I complete the setup operation, have it all finally ready.
“It’s here,” I say, still wondering if I’d have been watching TV with her.
“And it looks super,” I say, thinking about
how I’m not much on sands-through-the-hourglass type melodramas,
but oh how I love those gripping murder and revenge themes
that run rampant through Korean dramas,
especially the mysteries and police procedurals.
I shake her and see she does not move.
I shake her again to be sure, then sit staring at the big picture.
No, really, I won’t at all be minding watching by myself.

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