The Tellers of the Tales

They are the scalpels into the heart of the story
Catalogers of the tales of life, of death, and beyond
Speakers of the truth and exposers of the lie
Portrayers of the joys and of the sorrows
Finders of the loves lost
Celebrants of the loves found
Advocates of the downcast and the downtrodden
Adversaries of the wicked and the evil
Navigators of the ocean and of the sky
Observers of the sights seen and those unseen
Seers of the heavens, the spiritual, and the divine
Recorders of the speech of the living and of the dead
Architects of the worlds known and unknown
Inventors of the future
Chroniclers of the past
Spinners of the fictional
Fictionalizers of the real
Bringers of the light to darkness

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