And Found

We walk hand-in-hand down a green grass path.

I see the undersides of overhead leaves.

They are a deep brown, so odd this soon in the year.

It’s as if we’ve come into an early fall.

I mention this, and you say the tops of the leaves are green.

There is a tunnel up ahead, no light at the other end.

We enter, I glance at you, and you disappear in darkness.

I squeeze your hand but it’s no longer there.

Finally finding my way out at the other end,

I look for you, call your name.

Night is coming and the wind is up, blowing the tree branches bare.

I pick up a leaf, see the brown side, turn it over and see brown.

The fall had come early, and summer never came at all.

I lie in bed, unable to understand the mystery of where you’ve gone.

Finally, exhaustion takes me under, and I dream.

You are here again, your breath on my face, looking into my eyes.

We hold each other, tight, gently rocking, inseparable,

permanent partners eternally set in a singular way.

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