Our Entangling

into the forest

into the heart

heart of darkness

heart where love sparks

sparks light passion

sparks grow fires

fires burn brightly

fires seek heights

heights of rare air

heights that can heal

heal all that’s shadow

heal all that’s cold

cold like love’s loss

cold like lost pasts

pasts of childhood passion

pasts of a young heart’s beat

beat stoked by friction

beat grown to flame

flame of random flight

flame flying right

right to sought warmth

right of smooth passage

passage through the forest entrance

passage to love’s dwelling place

place of tall trees

place of winding ways

ways that twine love

ways that twist life

life lived in mazes

life of strange turns

turns branching uphill

turns racing down

down to strange waters

down to rough rivers

rivers swift as time

rivers roaring white rapids

rapids amazing

rapids that run

run to harsh trouble

run to sea calm

calm of security

calm of soft dreams

dreams sifting memory

dreams that might last

last through long voyages

last through old age

age grows labyrinthine forests

age grows tangled hearts



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