Happy Birthday

What it is important to forget all about is this wish,

in what would be your classic bated moment,

about the time you think you’re going to have to give up,

lose it, then hold back a bit, hold on, focus on how

I love it when you sway here on my chest, smile at me,

your hair brushing, the pressure felt of love and you

caress, hands soft and flowing, calm water I,

rippling just at touch over bone as you come down

and wash me clear and clean, I pray some young man’s dream

that wakes me up without you there to stare

into my eyes gone squinting old to see you, try

to see you, see you not, petal on the wind

flown off, me kiting soar away on strong gusts

that blow me back to my self so hastening down

the short side again of taking you in and out,

yet I should forget how I do recall sometimes

how I blew you in, but then you blew me out again.

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