How Cold I Am

At this point I believe we should let what seems, just be,

everything unquestioned and accepting anything completely.

Let’s move on, move.  Hurry up.  The miles.

Pile the mileage on this lease.

The stamps and stickers of the road, let’s paste and plaster.

It all makes sense to me.  Think fast.  Faster.

Cheap the price of blank. Takes the hard out of it all.

First impressions are the best and only impressions.

Really, were there seriously any second impressions you sought

that were worth the time and effort of searching after?

Well how about –

There I go again.

Wasting of time, wasting of us away,

too many seconds sacrificed on the alter of oh so responsibly

peering into the secret of things, to reach that essential knowledge

ballyhoo and all the time I’m melting, and so are you.

Abominable but true.

We are the snow-people of the earth, we are

and then we aren’t.

There is not enough of us in between.

There never is, never can be.

Don’t think about it.


Let be


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