Eating Healthy

I’m leaning over this pot of stewing vegetables,

trying to stay healthy, I’ve thrown everything into the mix

I can imagine might make this vegetarian dream meal palatable.

I wonder about adding noodles, just a few for a taste,

but I realize the starch will undo my resolve to lose weight,

so I stiffen myself, hold on, savor the hint of bay leaf,

the touch of cinnamon, the dash of thyme.

And breathing this steaming cloud portending nothing

but good eating up ahead, I seem to see

the figure of distorted Future beckoning me

to follow it along a trail that quickly turns

into a narrow rubbled cliffside path,

crumbling beneath my feet as I stagger along,

and there, up ahead, is a hazy form, human, a woman, I believe,

and as I approach nearer, fearing ever a plunge to my death,

I perceive Angelina Jolie, of all people, stealing a car, my car,

breaking the lock and leaving me behind, choking in her dust,

unable now to drive myself home to enjoy my nutritious meal.

Startled, I come to, stare into the steaming pot, and contemplate

what kind of future might await me when I dig into this creation.

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