Come On

This time I drop down on my knee
To ask if you’ll please marry me
You keep staring over my head
Seem deaf to the words that I’ve said
I know I fall short of your personal standards
Don’t rate with you any way as a real man does

Come on, don’t pretend you don’t know what I’m saying
Don’t tell me you think all I’m doing is praying
I know that you’re waiting for anyone better
I’m gonna need knee pads if this goes on forever

So I know I score less than chopped liver
On that ranked list of guys you’d consider
I’ll just beg till I rise in your eyes on that chart
Do whatever it takes to win over your heart
Ignore how you laugh when you hear what I speak
Stand up taller no matter how my legs grow weak

Come on, Love, be kind, pick me up with a “yes”
Get me up on my feet, though I may be a pest
Stop sad history repeating before time expires
Get inside this church before the pastor retires

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