And You Be You

So let’s try role playing. I’ll be her.
You can practice on me what you want to say to her.

I’ve seen this on TV, in the movies.
I don’t think I want to air my private thoughts this way.

Do you want to try this?  It might help.

I look at him, then away,
out the window, to the ocean.
I can’t do this.
This is between me and her.
There’s a monster cargo ship sailing away
from here to probably the West Coast.
A ship that large, when you see it,
even then you can’t believe it exists.
It’s like an island unto itself.
If it encounters high seas, founders, is lost,
I picture this, like watching the Titanic movie.
Maybe like the wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald
no one survives.
I look back at him, think about her,
know that he can’t hear this.
Even if I finally do it badly, only she will know.
She alone will be the only one to see me fail.

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