Finding Words Fast Enough

What do you do when you have a harder and harder time

expressing in words

what is running through your head?

There are various art media, of which you’ve tried many.

There is music, which you’ve played and sung as well.

And those are good modes of expression.

But words, combining them, is different.

What you want to express cannot be accomplished by playing guitar or creating sculpture.

It must be words, but the words are more difficult to find each time you compose.

Part of it is that the words do not flow fast enough.

The ideas run rampant, the scenes you wish to capture flash through your mind,

and by the time your vocabulary catches up with them,

like a point of water in a stream,

they have moved on.

It’s a race for words to match the movies of your mind.

It’s clearly a conundrum of beating time.

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