How Writing Works

One day you will write the best thing you ever wrote,
you think, hope, each day your prayer, your mantra.
For inspiration you read poetry, fiction, anything,
a gluttonous search for gorgeous words that composed together
turn into themes that sing, a line, a phrase, a pair of words,
your pen or keyboard making that indescribable magic
you sometimes cannot control, almost watch yourself doing,
ever and ever you strive, repeat the calisthenics of creation,
play with this idea and that, a child discovering new toys every day,
always running phrases forward and backward and in between.

You don’t know what will come of all of this every moment,
but when the piece you produce is the best one ever,
you’ll know it, maybe, or maybe not recognize this at all.

No matter.
One day it will be the best thing you’ve ever put down on paper.
Shakespeare, possibly not, but it will be the best you could do
because you put in the work to make it happen.

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