Super Power

If you’re like me, you’d wish you had a super power at birth,

of course used for good, not for wealth or to hurt.

If I had laser vision that could turn things to ash,

I’d not harm former presidents, or fry Russian fascists for cash.

And besides I’d want mine to be something unique,

I hate repetition, wouldn’t find that unique.

Wouldn’t want to freeze people, morph into a rat,

spin hair into gold, kill seven flies with one splat.

No levitating of things or being smartest on the planet,

seeing into the future, or having muscles of granite.

No, mine would be a super power we’ve yet to see,

a talent unlike any other in history.

It would be to rhyme words without hassle or guess,

create rhyming couplets without any stress.

I’d never need a rhyming dictionary, the pairs would just follow,

I’d bang out a line, then its partner, much mahalo.

The rhymes would all come without thought or meditation,

my pen would flow smoothly with zero hesitation.

And of course the match is never stale nor stupid,

like pairing mouse with house or stupid with pellucid.

Wait, I may have just done what I said that I shouldn’t,

did I pair two words I was saying I wouldn’t?

Oh hell, like I said, I wasn’t born with super powers,

I’ll leave stupid with pellucid, rhyming’s hard in the end.

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