I am a Korean Lee

이 (Lee/Ee/I/Yi/Ri/Rhee/Rhie/Reeh)

There are other variants, but that’s plenty for now.

이 is the second most common Korean surname, surpassed only by Kim 김 (Kim/Gim).

이 means “plum.”

Lanning Plum.

If I’d been a professor I might have killed someone in the conservatory with a wrench.

At age 66 I know next to nothing about Korean language.

This activity, looking up something even as basic as my last name,

is not so much embarrassing – although it is –

as it is disheartening.

In my family, English was always stressed.

It’s the language you need to make it in this world.

So now that I’ve made it in the world –

I guess maybe I must have by now, whatever that means –

I know little about what’s me.

Korean is me.

I’m also a large part Norwegian.

I know next to nothing of that language either.

You know how “It’s never too late” gets tossed around?

I’ve much ground to cover before I prove that’s the case.

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