Missing Pages

I’m stapling together revised 5-year projections,
our support staff still working remotely.
I love this stapler, well worth the money,
handling more than 20 pages with ease.
We’d approved our current plan just before Covid-19.
Everything has changed for my firm.
When this stapler staples, it’s like a very sharp,
well-oiled guillotine performing at peek proficiency.
My phone vibrates, I pull it from my pants.
My wife’s lawyer, I send him to voicemail.
I know very well everything he’ll say.
One of my partners comes in with a sheaf of papers,
tells me she forgot to include the sections about
projected post-pandemic trust revisions,
and new possibilities for estate planning tax loopholes.
Everything I’ve put together has to be undone.
I find a staple remover and begin taking everything apart,
thinking about the work to be done putting it back together again.

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