Vinyl’s Final

Vinyl was as good as dead, but it’s making a comeback.
Like Lazarus, LPs have risen from the grave.
The last time I bought vinyl my records cost between 4 and 5 dollars.
Not bad.
The real expense came with turntables, receivers, amplifiers, speakers, needles, cartridges, cleaning kits.
I’m kind of sorry I left all of that behind.
I kind of miss all the mess, the aggravation, the hassle.
I wonder if the revival of 45s is right around the corner.
Once again we may have 8-tracks in our cars, Boom Boxes with cassette players.
You know what I finally realized I hate most about downloading songs to my phone?
It’s too damn easy and inexpensive.
I’m growing to hate that.
I’ve developed a longing for the good old days
of spending all my time and energy and money
record buying, record cleaning, and sometimes even record listening.
And don’t get me started on my nostalgia
for the cost of constant music system upgrades.
For all my money, yeah, vinyl was and always will be final.

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