Remember this one?

It’s us sitting on a seawall.
Maybe somewhere near Waikīkī.
I don’t know.
Great photo though.
We’re both looking down and toward each other.
We’re in mid-conversation, seems like.
You’re smiling.
Great smile.
Remember that day?

I’m not sure who took it,
if someone was using your camera,
or if we knew the photographer,
and he or she gave us a copy once the film was developed.

You had a good camera,
the one your father brought back from Japan,
a state-of-the-art Nikon with all the lenses.

We called them snapshots back then.
I don’t know where that term came from.
No one uses it anymore.
I doubt you use that camera anymore.
Too much of a hassle to find film, I’m guessing.
And you’ve probably converted your old dark room.
Maybe into a nursery or something.

Now I use my phone.
No more worrying about making every shot count.
I suppose you must use your phone too.

It’s a great snapshot.
I didn’t realize I’d kept it.
I’m glad I did.
It reminds me so much of you.

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