Remember how the flakes of snow fell that day,
catch on your tongue slow, fluttering like moths,
like feathers, gentle rocking motion, and how you didn’t want me
to drive you home, never again, I found, now
the farther away I watched you walk,
the cream colored leather coat body with the yellowed wool collar,
how at first I called louder and louder
with each step you took, fading, as if your hearing me call
would turn you around, make you aware I was standing there,
like you didn’t know somehow, so stupid, me, to call out
in that childish way, make you turn round and walk back to me,
so naïve to believe that, back in those green days, maybe love
could be resurrected where there was none anymore,
the farther at first, the louder I called, until in that fading
I grew up and saw that you wouldn’t return,
how my call became softer and softer,
so light and quietingly desperate,
my voice down to whispering
in that cool night air, my breath just able I saw
to affect the falling white flakes,
change their gentle course to the ground,
gravity pulling at their lace
ever so gently down
to melt away.

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