Goes Without Saying

Glenda:  So quiet tonight, yeah, dear.

Herb:  All that screaming today.  All the noise pau.

Glenda:  This neighborhood used to be such a quiet place.  Jus like this. Everyone getting old.

Herb:  Right. When everyone around here was young, right?  We all raising families, but then the kids got older, moved out somewhere else.  All of us who stayed, we got more old, more quiet.

Glenda:  Yeah, we had it good for a while there.  It was like some in between time, time.  Kids gone, jus old folks.  Then the next generation comes the more we die off and our kids sell our homes.

Herb:  And it’s all these rich guys.  They the ones can afford to buy houses around here now.  The prices go so high, get all these millionaires moving in.

Glenda:  Yeah.  And with all that money, they got kids who so spoiled.  Real bratty kids.  So noisy. No discipline.

Herb:  More money, more no care about anyone else, so more noise, more us older neighborhood guys get pissed off sometimes.

Glenda:  Das right.  No can help we get mad. Our kids never act like that.

Herb:  For real. If our kids ever got out of control was lickens time. We only can take so much, right?

Glenda:  Still, but, I nevah knew Toshi was the kind to snap like that.

Herb:  Yeah, me too.  So calm, that guy.  Like one monk always. Then all of a sudden. Wow.

Glenda:  After Chieko died, I knew he was real lonely.  Without the kids, he kind of just disappeared.  You saw him outside his house?  Almost nevah, right?

Herb:  Yeah.  Jus like one hermit, him.  Sometimes I no see him around so long, I thought maybe he was dead.

Glenda:  Yeah, but nah, if he was dead, we would know.

Herb:  For real.  Like now.

Glenda:  Yeah, like now.

Herb:  Ho da screaming.

Glenda:  An then all the cops.

Herb:  Geez I thought I was back in Nam, so much shooting.

Glenda:  Who knew he had so much guns.

Herb:  I knew.  He used to hunt Moloka‘i an Big Island, right?

Glenda:  Oh yeah yeah I remember.  But still surprised me.

Herb:  Yeah.  An now all da spoiled kids.  Try listen?

Glenda:  What?

Herb:  The quiet.  It’s so quiet tonight.  Jus like before.

Glenda:  Yeah.  Before all the money and out of control kids in this neighborhood.

Herb:  Gonna have lots of houses for sale now.

Glenda:  You think they’ll be more expensive or what?

Herb:  Goes without saying, honey.  After everything that happened around here today, lotta folks not going like move here.  House values are going way down.

Glenda:  Yeah, I guess.  Too much, da violence.

Herb:  Yeah, and too much ghosts.

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