No Game Stop

We were that amusement, some bright, shiny object,
the birthday toy, the circus mobile spinning above the crib to mesmerize
or maybe hypnotize, surely not anesthetize, I bid for cauterize, some cut there,
close my eyes, and count to 100, leaning against the tree,
think of you and me, baby, lose count, where was I, gotta start over,
old red rover, run to the other side, which hmmm,
is no longer there, like you, disappeared,
it’s running at air, and where am I again?
Oh yeah, one, two, three, to feels like infinity,
and finally, one more time, ready or not, here I come,
searching out the master hider, and boy,
were you ready, me never finding you even yet.
So the game’s over then?  Or not if I can’t find you?
There’s no final tilt, no game stop,
that steel pinball banging on the glass top,
Steenie and Keith brought the monster magnet down to College Inn,
used it to make the metal ball jump and fall in the scoring holes,
rack up twenty or thirty free games every time,
Kings and Queens, my favorite one, with their help I could play forever,
but not for me, spend all my silver dollars, the whole collection,
trading them in for quarters with Bill, just to play, all run out, game over.
Wait.  Where was I?
Oh yeah, seeking you, after counting to a hundred over and over,
the game still not tilted, you hiding too well, even now,
in some spot, keep searching, I’ve not yet sought you out.

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