Best Laid Plans (230 words)

I dreaded visiting Heels in O‘ahu Prison.  Not because of going into the prison, but because of having to see him.

Heels, he’s got that kind of face, if you can handle looking at it, it’s one of those only a mother could stomach.  I mean, if you can stare at that kisser long enough, you’d think he was the product of a couple of kissing cousins.  Or closer.

I sat at the table across from Heels, looking off to the side.

“Hey,” I said, lying, “good to see you, Heels.”

“Uh,” he grunted, another sign of some real close inbreeding.

“So you bunked with Eugene Kanai,” I said.  “You know someone knocked him off, right?”

He grunted again.

“Any idea why?”

Heels tried to look me in the face, but I just pivoted farther to the left.

“I don’t know nothing, brah, except he said he was gonna make some big money.  Tole me come see um when I get out.  He’d set me up.”

“Did he say how he was gonna make this pile?”

“Nah, jes he had one plan.”

That was all the useful info I could glean from Heels.

“Thanks, Heels, it was good to see you,” I lied again.

I could hardly wait to scram outta there.  You survey a face like that too long, you can start to fear glancing at your sister sideways.

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