The Body ID’d (200 words)

I gotta say, having looked at a thousand and one or more of these kinds of photos, that the guy didn’t look like he was banging this babe.  She was a looker for sure, but the two seemed more like they were talking business than planning their next roll in the bagasse.

On a hunch, I drove over to HPD and showed David Chan the photos.  Surprise.  The guy, Joey Soto, was the corpse at the Robertson’s house.

“This is great,” said Chan.  “I’m going to show these to my witness and see if maybe this woman is the one who brought Soto up from the ocean.”

So that was one base covered.  Base number two, who killed Kama?  Base number three was eating at me.  What did Eugene Kanai know about Kama that got him killed?  Was the straight dope from some con in the joint?

A call to O‘ahu prison confirmed Eugene’s cellmate was Eddie “Heels” Yoneda.  The nickname came from him being the fastest one to split any gambling joint when the cops showed.  All you could see were his heels.  Except this time.  He’d been nailed by a cop who’d lettered in track at Radford High.

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