Sometimes a love doesn’t seem hardly enough

to get me through this world whole

Sometimes it’s just enough to get me out of bed
but by midday I’m on my hands and knees crawling more

Then once in a blue moon with love
I’m all at once in touch with the universe itself
the power of that heart given complete
makes a mighty engine transforming me
into some kind of electricity
that moves my being in every direction
a kind of Big Bang connection
I soar to the edges of time
leave the speed of light behind
leap lightyear distances in a single bound
soar back to the beginning of all creation
then contract in no time here to the beat of your heart
back into your arms embracing all of me
our little world formed apart from theirs
where none exist but we two

1 Comment

  1. Beautiful, Lanning!
    I do like the references to the Big Bang, the edges of time, and being faster than the speed of light. I guess thought, imagination, and love are the only things faster than light. I need to save this one so I can re-read it again later.


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