Critical Inquiry

When did the three weird sisters start hanging out together?
Did they meet at a political convention, or at a grocery store,
all reaching for the last can of hell broth or Tartar sauce at the same time,
or one day at the beach when they were catching some rays?

Did they ever swear an oath of friendship,
prick their thumbs,
smear the red drops together,
become blood sisters?

Were they lovers?
If not, were they married? Widowed?
Did all three murder their husbands, say for use in recipes?

Do they have children?
If so, do their children come to visit them?  Often?
Do they babysit grandchildren while the parents were at work?

Do they meet up only from time to time, or do they cohabit?
Do they all sleep in the same bed?

Do they make up their poetry on the fly, like an improv group,
or do they spend time in the day, perhaps at bedtime,
after long hours slaving over their potions,
drafting lines, comparing notes,
memorizing passages they might use,
depending upon whom a particular passerby might be?

Does one of them act like a Moe-type character,
bonking the others on the head, poking them in the eyes?

Do they sometimes make S’mores,
instead of concocting brews, pop some corn,
kick back and tell each other scary stories?

Do they sing, and if so,
can they do three-part harmony?

Are they younger than they appear on stage?
Do they ever wonder if they actually are witches or just weird sisters?
Are they sisters?
Do they think they’re weird?

After a stranger goes away,
frightened nearly to death by a prophesy,
do they ever high-five
or cackle out, “Nah, just kidding”?

Did they always dream of making it big in the theater?
Do they ever think about retiring from the stage?

Do they need make-up or is their look natural?

When they’re in the theater, do they freak out
if someone says the name of the Scottish play?

Are they the same in person as they are on stage?
Humble or haughty?
Do they sign autographs?

When they’re out and about for a “me” day,
do they have to wear disguises to hide from their fans?

* * * * *

Aloha #WriterMonday. Today’s #WritingPrompt is


Use it to inspire any kind of writing, and then post that piece where I can read it. I’d love to see what you write : )

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