The Missing Men (A Lieutenant David Chan Mystery, Chapter 19)

“That bastard is playing pool next door,” said Chan to the other three 49ers.  “This is what we need to do.”

Chan described Wo Fat.  “Chin, you follow me to Kalākaua Billiards.  He knows me, so you go in.  If he’s still there let me know and call Forensics to meet me at his hotel room.  You sit on him.  If he’s gone, you follow me to the Moana.  Bobby’s waiting there in case he comes back to the hotel.”

Chan asked the other two to go straight to the hotel and watch for the Fat Man in the lobby area.  They would go into further options once they met up there.

While Chan waited, Kelly went into the pool hall.  A few minutes later he came out.  “He’s gone, David.  I checked the john too.  Nothing.”

The two drove to Waikīkī.  All four met in the lobby.  There was no sign of Wo fat.  They went up to the eighth floor.

Coming out of the elevator, Chan had no notion that anything would be amiss.  The first sign of something amiss was that Detective Stillman wasn’t at his post.  The four went to room 813 and found the door ajar.  An odd fear crept into Chan’s consciousness.  After they’d cleared the room, Chan breathed a sigh of relief.  He’d expected to find Stillman’s body.  Wo Fat’s bag still sat there, but the room was empty.

Captain Kauhane said, “What now, David?  Where do you think Bobby is?”

“I’m guessing he must have followed the Fat Man,” Chan said.

“Why the open door?” asked Kelly.

They puzzled over this.  “I can’t figure how this worked out,” said Chan, “but we have to find Wo Fat.”

Chan called the forensics crew back at headquarters.  He asked them to get down to the Moana immediately and check the Fat Man’s room for evidence tying him to the murder of the young woman on the beach.  He cautioned them to disturb nothing.  Without probable cause, any evidence found would be inadmissible.  But Chan wanted to know the truth.  If there were evidence linking the Fat Man to the murder, they’d get a warrant later.   The work would already have been done.  It was just a question of arresting him.

As the four exited the elevator, an ambulance came screaming to a halt in the driveway fronting the hotel.  Two police cruisers, sirens blaring, followed.

* * * * *

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