All Bets Off (A Lieutenant David Chan Mystery, Chapter 18)

The crowd closed back around the table.  Chan saw it had thinned, many not wanting to be near him in the little time they might have left before he put them behind bars.

Chan watched the Fat Man rack the balls and then stroke the cue ball.  He sank the one and the three.  Then, not very much in the spirit of aloha, he ran the table with lightning speed.

The drug dealing murderer from Manchuria via Shanghai stood and looked at Chan.  “So sorry,” he said, smiling, “that wasn’t much fun for you.”

Chan smiled.  “Actually it was.  It’s interesting to watch a professional at work.”

The Fat Man nodded, studying Chan’s face.  Then, “Yes, Lieutenant.  Professionals like you and I, why, I imagine you enjoy seeing how well a man does his job as much as I.”

He picked up the chalk.  “Another game, Lieutenant?  Perhaps we might play for stakes.”  A small smile.  “A drink perhaps?”

“Oh, no thank you, Mr. Chan.  I know a hustler when I see one.  And you’ve probably heard we don’t allow gambling in Hawai‘i.  Can you see me putting you behind bars?”

No smile from the Fat Man this time.  “Ah yes, I wouldn’t want to break the law in the famous Lieutenant David Chan’s fair city.”

“That’s good to hear,” said Chan.  “Nevertheless, I think I’m going to have to keep an eye on you, just to make sure.”

“Then I’ll be the very model of a law abiding visitor.”

“I’d wager you will,” said Chan.  “You remind me that I should get back to work, Mr. Chan, but maybe we’ll see each other around.  How long are you planning to be in town?”

“Oh, I don’t know, Lieutenant.  I’m pretty flexible on time.”

“Well, enjoy the rest of your stay,” said Chan, turning to leave.

The sea of Koreans parted.

“Keep up the good work,” said the Fat Man, “I’m sure the Honolulu Police Department has a great deal to do with keeping this island such a lovely place, you know, keeping the criminal element at bay.”

“Oh yes, Mr. Chan,” said Chan, turning back to give a small smile and a nod.  “We aim to eradicate the bad guys at all cost.”

And with that Chan walked out of Kalākaua Billiards.  On the short stroll back to headquarters, he imagined ramming a cue stick up Wo Fat’s ass.

* * * * *

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