The Woman on the Beach (A Lieutenant David Chan Mystery, Chapter 14)

Chan asked, “So when did Wo Fat and his four friends fly back to Shanghai?”

“Oh,” said Kelly, “only the four flew back.  As far as I know, Wo Fat is still at the Moana Hotel.”

And then it clicked.  The Moana Hotel.  Of course.

Before the four could formulate a plan, Chan bolted out of his chair and was off.  He ran into Sergeant Stillman at the bottom of the escalator.

“Bobby, come with me.  We need to go to the Moana.”

“I’ve just come from there.”

“The case of the woman on the beach?”

“Yes, I was following up with some of the staff.”

Chan grabbed Stillman’s arm and hustled him out the door.  He explained Wo Fat’s heroin supply connection, as well as his sexual proclivities.  Chan used the light even though, technically, there was no emergency.

In David Chan’s mind, however, there was a big one.  If he could nail Wo Fat for killing the young woman on the beach, that would be a best case scenario.  

Inquiring at the front desk, Chan discovered Wo Fat had not checked out.  The two headed up to room 813.  Both drew their weapons.  Chan knocked on the door.

* * * * *

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