Family Moments (A Lieutenant David Chan Mystery, Chapter 8)

Late that evening, nothing else breaking, David Chan staggered home to get food and a few hours of sleep.  It turned out to be a good time to be there.  His son, David III, came home just as Chan was finishing up some Vienna sausage and rice.

“Pop, how’s it going?”

“Dave, please come sit for a minute.”

His son dropped his book bag at the head of the staircase down to his room, then took a seat.

“Did you eat yet?” Chan asked.

His son was majoring in biology at O‘ahu University.  He hoped to attend medical school.

“Yeah, I ate a burger after lab, before I hit the library.”

“No teaching tonight?”  The teaching Chan referred to was Kung Fu at Siu Lum Pai.  Dave had been taking lessons since 5th-grade.  Now he taught courses for beginners.

“Not tonight, Pop.  It’s my one night off.”

Chan said, “Have you seen Calvin Jones at practice recently?”

“Mmm, he’s in one of the advanced classes now.  I see him maybe sometimes.”

“Do you think he’s been coming to practice regularly?”

Dave shrugged his shoulders.  “I don’t know, Pop.  I pretty much go in to teach and get out.  Studying’s getting tough with these upper division courses.”

“When’s the last time you saw him?”

“Maybe a week ago, maybe?  M’not sure.”

“Anything seem different about him?”

“I don’t know, Pop.  Why are you asking all this?  Is Cal okay?”

Chan looked at his son, thought about his daughter, how she’d been murdered four years ago.  The agony he and his son had gone through.  The upside was that it had drawn him and Dave closer together, closed that emotional gap between them that had opened wider and wider after the death of Chan’s wife.  He looked so much like his mother.

* * * * *

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