How Me Invent Prayer

Some others try take credit for this, so me want set record straight.  My name Grog.  Me invent prayer.  One day me in middle of bad situation.  Me being attacked by next door cave neighbor Grag’s pet saber-toothed tiger, Grock.

Me do nothing me know to set off Grock, but set off he was, like volcano that keep burying friends in ash, making way for new ones.

As Grock come barreling after, me happen to trip and fall.  Cursing fate, me on knees there in middle, or more accurately end, of very dangerous event, and me turn mind to ardent thought, implore something or somebody save me from becoming Grock’s lunch. Me think words like maybe, “Help me something or somebody. Stop Grock from kill me!”

Lo and behold, just as Grock about to sink fangs into me, he hit brakes.  You know sound:  Eeeeek!  Turning attention elsewhere, Grock saunter off.  Ergo, my plea answered.

Around fire that night, while we make primitive snack called S’mrocks, me tell current group of friends what happened.  Amazed, they all decide that next time they in imminent danger, they will try this method for extricating themselves from bad happening, like being buried by ash.

Later on, those who successful with new prayer method swear by it.  They say, “Grog, you are wise inventor of prayer,” or “Grog, good you invent prayer idea to save us.”  Those who not successful, oh well.  But decided by all those who survive that it not hurt to use prayer every time bad things happening.

That is how me invent prayer then.  Me am carving this explanation on my cave wall so future generations will know how prayer came to be, and also why many people prefer be on knees when pray.  Me assure you, this is pure accident. You can pray standing, sitting, or lying on leaf mat before sleep.

P.S.  By the way, me enhance use of prayer recently.  Me figure, if prayer can help with immediate trouble, then praying when everything fine and dandy might be good exercise too.  Pray when not about to be eaten by Grocks of world good for building up credit with whatever or whomever answer prayer.  At least, me think, can’t hurt.

* * * * *

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