Reactions (A Lieutenant David Chan Mystery, Part 30)

Yamamoto was more curious than alarmed to find out that Chan had narrowly missed becoming an ex-partner.

Fingering the bandage wrapped around his head,   Yamamoto said, “Funny, yeah, that you think the shot just missed your head.  Too bad I didn’t duck the other day.”

This suddenly made Chan curious as well.  “Hmmm, I wonder if we’re dealing with the same shooter?  The person who shot you and shot at me, maybe it’s someone good with a gun.  You, know, just missing both of us by choice.”

“Yeah, or maybe just a lousy shot.”

Chan nodded, but he wasn’t ruling out a marksman not wanting to kill either one of them.  Maybe in his case a warning shot.

“And like I said, Boss, you gotta stay away from that woman.  I mean her, her house, her work.  No calls.  I don’t want you ending up one of her victims.”

“Vic, I don’t want to hear any more.  I accept the fact she’s a suspect.  I don’t want you constantly reminding me to avoid her.  I told you, I’m totally on top of my game with this case.”

Chan conveniently avoided mentioning to Yamamoto that he’d been to Nina’s house to try to find evidence to build a case for her innocence.

As if psychic, his partner said, “So why were you there again?”

He looked at Yamamoto.  For a long time.  Thinking.  Then, “I just thought I might find evidence there, you know, something applicable to the case.”

Yamamoto sat there nodding at Chan, not saying anything.  For a long time.  Thinking.  About how his partner loved Nina Goo.

“What you guys up to?” asked Lieutenant Wilbur “Snuffy” Apana, sauntering over and sitting down.  “A staring contest?”

Chan blinked, then said to his godfather, “Ah, no, we’re just trying to figure something about a case.”

Yamamoto now looked at Chan’s father’s former partner.  “Eh Snuffy,” he said, “your godson’s in love.”

Chan sat up straight.  “Dammit, Victor, enough already!”

“Whoa whoa whoa, boys, easy.  Victor, what you talking about.”

Chan fumed.  He was sick of this.

Yamamoto felt a little badly.  “Eh, David, sorry.”

Then he said to Apana, “We’re working a case where David knows a woman involved.  That’s all I meant.  Sorry, David,” he said again.

Chan had calmed down.  “Yeah, Snuffy, it’s someone I knew from Roosevelt.  You know, a high-school friend.”

Apana said, “What’s the case?”

“That mass shooting over at the Mō‘ili‘ili Chop Suey Gardens,”  said Chan.

“Ah, yes, Mr. Goo and his family.  I knew them.  I think everybody did.  So this woman, she’s a suspect for the killings?”

Chan glanced at Yamamoto.  “Maybe not the prime suspect, but yeah, a person of interest. Goo’s daughter.”

“Any others?” Apana asked.

Chan said, “Yeah, guess who?  Byung Yu.”

It was no exaggeration that everyone in the department had had run-ins with the Yus and their associates.  Yu was universally despised.

“Huh,” said Apana, “What’s the angle?”

Chan said, “We’ve uncovered what we believe to be a pretty involved insurance scamming operation.  I, uh, we believe it’s a large enough operation that it might be considered manageable only by a fairly large organization.”

“I see,” said Apana.  “And how does this woman fit in?”

Yamamoto jumped in.  “She says she’s Yu’s wife.  If she’s related to that asshole, the coincidence is kine-a amazing.”

Apana considered this.  He and Chan’s father had been partners for years, right up until the end when Chan’s father had disappeared.  The investigation had been headed by Apana, and all signs had pointed to the Yus being involved.  Unfortunately, no evidence had ever been strong enough to charge them.

Apana stood up.  “Well, please keep me informed.”

Chan and Yamamoto gave each other questioning looks.

They said nothing, but both knew the look meant they were not sure why Apana had reacted so nonchalantly to the news of possibly busting the Yus.

* * * * *

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