Coincidences (A Lieutenant David Chan Mystery, Part Twenty-Two)

The Elite crew had gone to a plate-lunch truck several blocks away.  The boss, Chris Smart, had forgone lunch to catch up on paper work. The other man, a David Hirai, his card said he was an adjuster with Island Heritage Insurance, must have shown up to talk about something.  No signs of a struggle.  

“Same deal,” said Yamamoto.  “No struggle.”

“We definitely need to look at the bullet from your case this morning,” said Chan.  “If they match we have something bigger.”

“Yeah,” said Yamamoto, “but I got a feeling this killer is too smart to use the same gun.  I think he,” he glanced at Chan, “or she is real akamai.”

“Well if he,” Chan said, “or she is too akamai to use the same weapon, then why is he or she killing these autobody people . . . ”

Yamamoto waited.

Chan said, “We got a safe here, cashbox?”

“No, seems like nothing to steal.”

“Hey, why are we even assuming these cases are related?” said Chan.  “What if the other one really was a robbery, but this one is something else?”

Yamamoto nodded.  “I guess.  But we gotta wait to compare the bullets before we guess at this too much.”

“Right, right . . . Autobody shops.  Vic, autobody shops.  Yesterday, all those cars had dents of some kind.  Is that a coincidence?”

“Would be if all of um were in great shape, perfect condition.  That’s what autobody shops do, right?  Get rid of dents.  Restore bodies.”

* * * * *

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