More Bodies (A Lieutenant David Chan Mystery, Part Twenty-One)

Just then Captain Kauhane came over.  “Guys, sorry to dump another folder on you, but I think we’ve got something related going on.  There’s another auto shop killing.  Elite Body and Fender in Māpunapuna.  Two dead this time.”

Chan said, “Vic, sorry, I was so caught up in my own situation I forgot to ask.  What happened with the Kalihi case?”

“Owner, Cho Lai, shot at his desk, close range.  Looks like he might have known the perp.  No signs of struggle.  Cash box gone.  His workers say they wondered why he hadn’t shown up for work.  Then they found him in his office.  He kept a hundred on hand.  The guy might have died for petty cash.”

“Or maybe,” said Chan, “for some other reason, and the cash was taken to make it look like robbery was the motive.  I mean you’re right, Captain, these definitely could be related.”

“Eh,” said Kauhane, “that’s why I make the big money.”

Yamamoto drove.  On the way to Māpunapuna, he and Chan were silent.    Yamamoto left him alone.  He knew Chan was hurting.  Chan was indeed licking his wounds, but he was also running the possibilities for the murders in his head.

* * * * *

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