Lies Like Truth (A Lieutenant David Chan Mystery, Part Eighteen)

All the way back to the station Chan took deep breaths, tried to calm himself.  Even as he sought to clear his mind of Byung Yu and his family, however, thoughts of his father’s disappearance made him even angrier.

What a practiced liar that Byung Yu was.  Chan could not believe how glibly the murdering gangster could waltz his way through any kind of questioning.

Victor Yamamoto sat at his desk.  Chan didn’t wait to be asked. He unloaded the whole story on his partner.

“Vic, I can’t believe what a master liar this punk is.”

Yamamoto looked at him.  “David, what if he isn’t lying?”

“What?  Whadayou mean?”

“Eh, you know I hate that fucker real bad, so I hope you’re right, but what if he isn’t married to Nina?  What if he never did hear of her?  What if he didn’t have anything to do with the shoot-out yesterday?”

* * * * *

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