Throne of Blood (A David Chan Mystery, Part Fourteen)

Kahala was one of the ritziest districts in all of Hawai‘i.  Homes on the beach were the mansions of millionaires many times over.

One of the largest waterfront estates belonged to Byung Yu, handed over to him by his father, Kang Yu, the godfather of the Hawaiian Territory’s Korean crime syndicate.  The primary reason why Kang Yu’s organization was so impossible to supplant was because ever since he’d come to Honolulu in 1903, Yu had systematically imported Korean Nationals and, in effect, grown an army throughout the islands.

By the time Byung Yu took the reins, there were thousands of local Koreans under his control.  No criminal organization, be it from Asia, the Americas, or Europe, had the manpower, short of launching a full-scale military assault on the islands, to oust the Yus.

As he walked down the driveway, Chan was amused to see many mostly younger men loitering around the outbuildings, playing cards, their coats bulging with the tools of their trade.  Should he ask them for their registrations and permits to carry, he was sure he might be able to attempt arresting most of them.  But Chan knew this was not his day to die, so he simply smiled, showing his badge at the gate, and holding it ready to show to anyone who might want to shoot him as a trespasser.  Even the yardmen mowing, pruning, trimming, and raking away looked lethal.

The doorbell was silent, but the response immediate.  A small, elderly Korean woman wearing a colorful mu‘umu‘u opened the door.

“Yes Sir?”

Chan showed his badge.  “Lieutenant David Chan.  Honolulu Police, Ma’am.  I’d like to speak to Byung Yu.”

The woman ushered Chan inside the foyer.  It was almost a house by itself.  She pointed.  “Please wait in the living room.  I will let Mr. Yu know you’re here.”

The woman faded away down an endless hallway.  Chan stepped into the largest living room he could remember ever seeing.  It surprised him that after all these years trying to hang the Yus, he’d never had occasion to set foot in this palace built on blood.

* * * * *

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