Scene: Not To Be Heard

A big shout out to all those with shuttered dreams
who were in the plays, maybe breaking records,
I mean broke, broke records when, repeating
brilliant lines, too, song and dance, over and over magic
like a lapping ocean tasting fresh shore, a tongue
gone light to dark, mouths closed, gestures from flesh
to stone, the briefest curtain rise, a quicker fall,
gravity defined, your run, in geologic time
where plague quieted after plague, over and over killing
generation after generation having each its own illness
those curtains, so heavy to raise too soon, pity now
the poor players, fretting being broke for sure
because there’s nothing for art or artists, who signify
everything, in rampant times of sickness coming down

* * * * *

Aloha #WriterWednesday. Today’s #WritingPrompt is


Use it to inspire a piece of writing of any kind, and then post that piece on your site and link back to me, or simply leave it as a comment below. I would love to read it : )

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