World of War

Here’s a peace of Hawai‘i
that’s in a part of Honolulu
where I breathe hanging by
my knees so Pauoa Valley’s a mountain
and upside down Punchbowl clasps eternal
a covering cone suspended in air there
the National Cemetery Pūowaina I see by the Pacific

why my neighbor drapes a flag off her lānai

slowly they drummed and marched to protect
every topsy-turvy day this world where all happens
of unzipped us, then zip us up tight at night
when we all still go one-eighty to the pad
as dad the brave toast with a San Miguel salute
to you having served and a peaceful rest deserved

* * * * *

Aloha #WriterSunday to you all. Today’s #WritingPrompt is actually two


Use either or both to write a piece, short or long, and then post that piece on your site and link back to me, or simply leave it as a comment below. I would love to read it : )

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