Tricks (Part Eight)

Yamamoto hung up and walked over.  “David, these guys pull some major shit.  Everybody gotta contribute five percent of each commission to a slush fund.  They use it to pay legal fees for any lawsuits filed against them.  They use every dirty trick in the book to make sales.”

“Vic, we gotta go to the top.”

The two went to the reception desk.  “Who runs this place?” Chan asked.

“Two owners,” said Annette Rodriguez.  “Mr. Shinsato and Mr. Stenton.”

“Is either in?” Chan asked.

She buzzed.  Each had a secretary.

Shinsato was there.  Stenton was working at home.

“Vic, ask Shinsato why he’s sitting in his office while his employees are falling off balconies.  I’ll go see Stenton.”

Of course Stenton lived in possibly the most desirable location in Honolulu.  The steep drive up Wilhelmina Rise was like climbing a mountain of money.  Chan was indeed going to the top.

* * * * *

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