Stupid Is (500)

Once upon a time, there was an interesting feature of their neighborhood.  It was an old WWII style Quonset hut in the lot next to S’s house.  This had been a home that now sat abandoned.  If you’ve not seen one, these huts are semicircular structures covered completely with corrugated iron panels.

True to the Army, this one had been painted a dark green.  Unlike most Quonset huts, it sat off the ground on stilts, wooden ones, boosting it four feet off the ground.  Stairways at both ends led to the doors.  Inside were a bedroom, a bathroom, and a kitchen/dining area.

The place was absolutely littered with rubbish, like smashed dishes, broken furniture, torn magazines, and a dilapidated mattress.  I can’t imagine they were the first kids to go inside.  Why else such chaos and destruction?  Surely the last owner wouldn’t have lived in these conditions, nor have done this for dramatic effect upon his or her final exit.

They were in their smoking phase.  Sometimes there’d be six or more.  That day there were only three.

Lolling about on that disgusting moldy mattress, X suddenly had a brilliant idea.  “Hey, let’s put out our cigarettes in this mattress.  I wonder if it’ll catch on fire.”

“Oh, yeah,” said Y, “that’s a cool idea.”

“Yeah,” Z chimed in.

The brilliant three began stamping out their butts in the mattress.  They noticed not that the mattress caught on fire, as in a blaze, but that it smoldered.

It was time to go home for dinner.  The water supply to the hut had long been disconnected.  What should they do to extinguish their pyrotechnic experiment?

“Let’s pee on it,” X suggested.

They depleted their elementary-school aged bladders.

“It’s still smoking,” Z observed.

“I’ll run and get my water rifle,” Y said.

Shortly Y returned with said rifle and unloaded the whole payload on the glowing spots.

“Hah!  Get um,” Y said.

All agreed they had successfully extinguished the smoldering spots, so they all went home to dinner.

It was dark now, the dinner hour passed.  Z sat doing homework.  The sound of fire engine sirens coming up the hill distracted him.

“Huh,” he thought, “I wonder where the fire could be?”

He went out on his lanāi and surveyed the neighborhood.  A bright yellow-orange glow was coming from three lots away or so.  Z went outside and down toward the scene.

The fire department was hosing down the Quonset hut.  While Z watched in horror, one of the firemen yelled, “Everyone stand clear!”

The entire hut collapsed, its wooden stilts having burned beyond their ability to sustain the weight of the building.

There was no investigation.  After all, it was an old abandoned hut.  Z guessed things like that burn down from time to time, and nobody thinks much about them.  He was extremely relieved that no firemen or anyone else was hurt, and that the hut sat relatively isolated from other homes so none were in danger of catching fire.

* * * * *

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