Plan A (350)

To hear mom speak, however tersely about him, I’d gathered a good idea that my father might be one of those hardcore criminals.  Where he might flee from Wanhei, if he escaped and weren’t stuck in one of those prisons, who knew.

Finishing college, I’d returned quickly.  There really is no place like Hawai‘i, and after six years in the dismal Midwest, I was ready for paradise.

My plan included two things:  Getting a haircut, and putting in applications for teaching jobs.

Getting a haircut in the heartland proved tougher than I would have imagined.  After several barbers, I gave up, deciding that I would learn to cut my own hair, which, I found out, was quite challenging.  For six years then, my hair looked lousy.  I could never really get the hang of looking at the reflection of a mirror showing the back of my head in the mirror in front of me.  I barely could figure out left and right when I did this.  As a result of my barbaric barbering, I wore a hat most of the time.

Goal one was a decent haircut, and to this end I made an appointment with Margie at Sheena’s Barbershop.  I knew my childhood stylist would tame my wild hair, returning it to its former glory.

When I mentioned my problems with haircuts in the Midwest, Margie said, “They don’t understand Asian hair over there.”

This made perfect sense when she said it, but thinking back, I have absolutely no idea if this were indeed what the problem was.  But, eh, she was the pro, so yeah.

It was early evening.  Chinatown began to glow with the mystique that always beckoned me to take my chances at excitement tinged with danger.  In those days, my breath would come a little short, as my heart beat faster, shooting a game at Cebu Pool Hall, or drinking beer at Bill Lederer’s Bar.  Night people there were looking for action, and when you ventured down there at night back in those days, you were walking on the razor edge of the wild side.

* * * * *

Aloha, #WriterMonday, I hope you are coping well with our crazy world. Today’s #WritingPrompt is


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