Faithful (225)

Chan and Yamamoto left Queen’s Hospital.  The staff were to let them know if Miles Kuroda regained consciousness.

Yamamoto said, “That idiot did us a favor taking out Andaya.”

Chan felt guilty thinking about how Miles had actually done Denise the favor.

Yamamoto said, “Now Dini can come out of hiding.”

“Hey, Vic, what were you going to say about where you’d go if you wanted to hide.”

“Oh, yeah, I’d go my church.”

Chan did a double-take.  “Say what?”

Yamamoto gave him a hard look.  “What, say what?”

“You go to church?”

“My whole life,” said Yamamoto.

“Really.”  Chan was surprised.  They’d been partners for 14 years, ever since Chan had come out of the Academy, and nothing Victor Yamamoto had ever said or done in any way hinted he might be a Christian.

“What?” said Yamamoto, “you don’t think I could be a Christian?”

The man was psychic.  “I, yeah, of course I think you could be.  You are.  Just surprised you never mentioned it,” Chan said.

“Eh, you know me,” said Yamamoto.  “I hold a lot back.”

Chan mentally shook his head.  Yamamoto said whatever was on his mind all the time.  And his racist pronouncements, wow, this was quite a revelation.

“Dini religious?” Yamamoto asked.

“You know, I don’t know.  We weren’t brought up religious.  I wonder if Mom would know?”

* * * * *

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